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python-sigfoxapi is a Python wrapper for the Sigfox backend REST API.

At this stage only features that are accessible with LIMITED_ADMIN permissions have been implemented as I personally don’t have full access tp the REST-API.

  • Groups (info, list).
  • Device types (list, edit, errors, warnings, messages, disengage).
  • Callbacks (list, new, delete, enable, disable, errors, downlink).
  • Devices (info, list, tokenstate, messages, locations, errors, warnings, networkstate, message metrics, consumptions).
  • Coverage (redundancy, predictions).
  • Users (list)

For more details about the Sigfox backend REST API navigate to the Group page in the Sigfox backend web interface, select a group, click on REST-API and then on the API documentation link. The documentation is generated automatically and tailored to the access permission of the logged-in user.


The example retrieves information about a device.

>>> from sigfoxapi import Sigfox
>>> s = Sigfox('mylogin', 'mypassword')
>>> s.device_info('002C')
      "id" : "002C",
      "name" : "Labege 4",
      "type" : "4d3091a05ee16b3cc86699ab",
      "last" : 1343321977,
      "averageSignal": 8.065601,
      "averageSnr": 8.065601,
      "averageRssi": -122.56,
      "state": 0,
      "lat" : 43.45,
      "lng" : 1.54,
      "computedLocation": {
          "lat" : 43.45,
          "lng" : 6.54,
          "radius": 500
      "activationTime": 1404096340556,
      "pac": "545CB3B17AC98BA4",
      "tokenType": "CONTRACT",
      "contractId": "7896541254789654aedfba4c",
      "tokenEnd": 1449010800000,
      "preventRenewal": false

It is also possible to have the Sigfox() methods return objects instead of dictionaries by setting sigfoxapi.RETURN_OBJECTS to True.

>>> sigfoxapi.RETURN_OBJECTS = True
>>> device = s.device_info('002C')
>>> device.averageRssi

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